Curriculum Structure

Bachelor Program of Media and Communication lasts 3 years (6 semesters) including diploma thesis. Bachelor programme contains 180 ECTS credits and it is divided into mandatory and optional courses. This program has been compared with a couple of Universities, in Prishtina, Tirana, Zagreb, Lubjana, Vienna and Paris.







First year 1st Semester


1Genres of journalismMA. Musa Sabedini50-ZHG-3505
2History of journalism IDr.Sevdail Demiri50-HG-3515
3Forms of communicationDr.Belul Beqaj50-FK-3525
4Writing skills IMA. Safet Zejnullahu50-SHSH-3535
5Professional Albanian languageDr.Ferid Selimi50-GJSH-3544
6Professional English IHalil Bashota50-AP-3554
7Language and stylisticsCanDr.Gjylije Rexha50-GJS-3562


First year 2nd Semester


1History of journalism IIDr.Sevdail Demiri50-HG-3575
2Writing skills IIMA.Safet Zejnullahu50-SHSH-3585
3Talking skillsDr. Resul Sinani50-SHF-3595
4Academic writingDr. Ferid Selimi50-SHA-3604
5Information technologyDr. Besnik Skenderi50-TI-3614
6Professional English IIHalil Bashota50-AP-3624
7Reporting techniquesMA. Musa Sabedini50-TR-3623


Second year 3rd Semester


1Public RelationsMA. Bashmir Xhema50-MP-3635
2Media ManagementDr.Edmond Hajrizi50-MM-3645
3Written MediaMA. Ganimet Klaiqi50-MSH-3655
4TV communicationDr. Resul Sinani50-KT-3665
5Radio journalismCanDr.Gjylije Rexha50-RG-3665
6Practical work in written mediaMA.Ganimet Klaiqi50-PP-3685


Second year 4th Semester


1Management and OrganizationDr.Edmond Hajrizi50-MO-3695
2Law and ethic in mediaMA. Musa Sabedini50-LEM-3705
3TV Direction MA.Ilir Kabashi50-RT-3713
4Editing in TV and radioCanDr..Baros Karamuco50-MTR-3723
5Cameras and photographyCanDr..Baros Karamuco50-KF-3734
6Sociology of communicationDr.Metush Sylejmani50-SK-3745
7Multimedia technologyDr. Edmond Hajrizi50-TM-3755


Third year 5th Semester


1Research methods in media and communication IDr. Metush Sylejmani50-MK-3765
2On-line journalismMA. Musa Sabedini50-GO-3775
3Editing in mediaDr. Ferid Selimi50-RM-3785
4Audio-visual mediaDr. Edmond Hajrizi50-MAV-3795
5Public LawDr. Edmond Hajrizi50-DP-3804
6Media marketingCan Dr. Adelina Emini50-MM-3813
7Practical work in TV and radioDr. Resul Sinani50-PP-3823




Third year 6th Semester


1Research methods in media and communication IIDr. Metush Sylejmani50-MK-3835
2The media and the societyDr.Besim Gallopeni50-MSH-3844
3International mediaCanDr.Gjylije Rexha50-MN-3854
4Interviews on TV, radio and print mediaDr. Resul Sinani50-I-3864
5European CivilizationDr. Ilir Zylfiu50-QE-3873
6Diploma Thesis50-PD-38810