Information Technology and Communication

An outline of the program

The purpose of this program is to train and certify participants for Information and Communication Technology, in order to comply with the professional knowledge and skills of modern operation.

In the framework of the course related to “Information and Communication Technology”, the candidates are expected to demonstrate computer literacy and knowledge of hardware and software, perform various calculations using the spreadsheet program, design projects and organize with certain software, perform various researches and analyze them with certain software for statistical analysis, etc.


Expected outcomes:

  • Supports users in identifying and solving technical problems.
  • Analyzes technical requirements to determine the form of their solution
  • Designs and plans the budget, and proposes projects as needed.
  • Installs Hardware and Software including computer network, database and security components.
  • Performs routine maintenance of equipment and operating systems.


Duration of the program: 3 months

Credits earned during the program: 24 credits


A course overview:

  • Professional technician for hardware and software maintenance
  • Certified MS Project Professional
  • Virtual leadership and remote work
  • Certified spreadsheet professional
  • Data analysis and research with SPSS
  • Certified MS Project Professional
  • ECDL