The program has no specializations owing to the fact that the master’s program represents the deepening of knowledge precisely in a particular field of criminal law. As a result, this program aims to foster intellectual training in the context of reform and development of the judicial system in Kosovo.


Meanwhile, the quality of forensic laboratory equipment and lectures provided by experts from partner academic institutions or law enforcement agencies in Kosovo (Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Anti-Corruption Agency, Kosovo Police, etc.) will strongly contribute to the number of surveys, publications and activities related to the field.


The program puts a particular emphasis on developing the following skills and help students acquire in-depth knowledge in the following elements:

  • Law enforcement, analysis and prosecution of cybercrime;
  • the field of criminal law, who aim to serve the forensic medicine agency, the intelligence Agency, the police service, and other law enforcement agencies or national security and international sectors;
  • Judicial system and criminal procedure in connection with evidence gathered through digital forensics; and enhancing research skills in computer justice and criminology;