Nutrition, Quality Management and Food Safety are specializations provided within the framework of the Faculty of Food Sciences and Biotechnology at UBT, In addition these specializations are unique in Kosovo.


Meanwhile, this faculty aims to graduate qualified experts regarding the above-mentioned aspects and in the meantime the purpose of this program is to create students the opportunity to work in various fields of this branch.


Therefore, students of this department follow their studies for three years and are capable to work in the food industry and in the meantime also employed as specialists in preschool educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants and public institutions (customs, KVFA, institutes) as well as in the beverage industry, etc.


The study program is eligible to all students who meet the legal requirements in Kosovo for enrollment in the first academic year Bachelor. The study program is mainly targeted to students and young people who have completed preliminary studies in relevant profiles in previous studies such as: natural sciences, food sciences and biotechnology, agriculture, agricultural engineering, etc.