Laboratories, Centers and Institutes:


The research activity within UBT is organized and managed in accordance with the international regulation for research and evaluation, with general competence and responsibility.

To achieve this, UBT ensures that:

  • Staff are adequately supported to conduct their research;
  • Staff are made aware of best practices in research oversight in the areas of their disciplines;
  • Staff are encouraged to develop professionally at the highest level;
  • Synergies between groups are created to consolidate areas of expertise;
  • A research culture is encouraged in both staff and students;
  • Individual achievements are encouraged and supported;
  • No barriers are placed on generating ideas and diversity and innovation are encouraged.

UBT supports research through mechanisms such as: Research Fund, Research Training and Support for External Research Applications. The Research Fund supports research that closely aligns with the College’s strategic priorities. The general principle governing the distribution of all research funding to the College is that it should be seen as an investment that will maximize the range of results the College expects to come from staff and student research. Part of the Research Fund supports early career researchers and is allocated by the Research Program. All applications for external funding must be submitted through the Research Program. Applications made will be managed by the Search Program. Will liaise with the applicant (s), deans, center directors and funder.

The Food Science and Technology (MSc) Program is accredited and operationalized in the 2018/19 academic year. Since accreditation, despite the regular teaching process, efforts have been made permanently to strengthen the research component within the program.



List of Laboratories and Infrastructure spaces:

Nr. Laboratory / Equipment type Nr. Room/

Nr. Inverters

1 Biology Laboratory F-005
2 Food Analysis Laboratory F-002
3 Laboratory of Microbiology F-004
4 Biotechnology Laboratory C-003
5 Chemistry Laboratory F-011
6 Production line (Canning and processing) F-015
7 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory F-014
8 Greenhouses F-020
9 Orchard F-021
10 Botanical Garden F-022
11 Laboratory of Mechatronics E-008
12 Conditioner Laboratory F-018
13 Filling miniature F-017
14 Reagent depot F-003
15 Informatics Laboratory F-006
16 Engineering Process E-004
17 Library E-001
18 Hall F-107
19 Hall E-015
20 Hall F-105
21 Hall F-110