Industry Partnership

Collaboration with industry is one of the underlying pillars and in the meantime one of the key institutional priorities. Consequently, it affects the fulfillment of both theoretical teaching objectives and their necessary practical training. In this regard, main purpose of this collaboration is the fulfillment of two main objectives: the highest level of theoretical knowledge and secondly the development of practical skills in problem solving.

As a result, UBT is creating cooperation agreements with a number of businesses and organizations that work in the field of study program, in order to ensure the possibility of practical training in the company. The following is a list of companies with which UBT is in the process of carrying out collaboration agreements:


Nr. Company name Type of industry Municipality
1 “ABI” SHPK Milk industry and processing of vegetables Prizren
2 “FLUIDI” SHPK Juices and sunflower oil Gjilan
3 “KABI” SHPK Milk industry Gjilan
4 “Calabria”Shpk Slaughterhouses and meat processing Gjilan
5 Euro-Lona Farm and milk industry Fushë


6 “Fungo” Shpk Medicinal and aromatic herbs Kamenicë
7 “Gerberland” Meat industry Gjakovë
8 Fabrika e Ujit “Kllokoti” shpk Water industry Viti
9 Natyra– G Milk industry Ferizaj
10 “Sole Kosova” Meat industry Fushë


11 NP “Me Agro” Fruits storage magazine Lipjan
12 Bedri  Kosumi Patato processing Vushtri
13 “Birra Peja” Beer industry Peje
14 “JONI-SH” Pile of small fruits Podujevë
15 “Iron Consulting” Commercial producer of apples and pears Kamenicë
16 “Agrium Fruits” Pile of small fruits Ferizaj