Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this program is through a well-planned education, practical and scientific application, to offer of today knowledge to students, aim to;

  • Establish and transfer knowledge through teaching, research, and laboratory and professional practices, aiming to ensure a solid and sustainable education in the field of Food Science and Technology.
  • Prepare post-graduates to apply scientic knowledge into practice, continue scientific research to higher level, manage and or advance the food processing industries in Kosovo via their own employement, fill industry gaps via innovations and gained knowledge and apply in industry, in pre higher education system, vocational schools, in the field of Food Science and Technology or other related fields.
  • UBT will provide in all scientific disciplines and study programs high quality and collaborations, recognised internationaly and professionaly based on excellence.
  • Graduates from the program of Food Science and Technology will be qualified to work in the field of food science and technology in companies operating in the Kosovo market.


Specific objectives

To achieve this aim and mission, the program has the following specific objectives:

In the field of teaching:

  • Provide a suitable study environment for students who aim to well establish a future profession in the food science and technology profiles;
  • Prepare students and scientists capable of contributing to the food processing and preserving etc. chain, for sustainable development of the country.
  • Provide students with scientic knowledge in line with today developments of agro-food technology, quality assurance and european standards, aiming to adapt the specialists of the field to the labour market requirements, not only within but also outside Kosovo;
  • Combining international perspectives and practices and leveraging with local potential for the development of a professional staff that will meet market requirements, what currently is high scarcity;
  • Providing the best possible opportunities for students to gain knowledge and develop and advance their skills in compliance with labor market requirements;
  • To qualify specialists with practical skills and professional competence in the field of food technology and be able to perform various expertise in the respective fields of food industry.


  • In the field of scientific research
  • Increase the level of scientific research through participation in developing and scientific projects and improvement of laboratory infrastructure;
  • Development of scientific research in line with the needs of the country, based on national sectoral strategies and other international targets and developments
  • Work towards providing research for the third cycle for the areas set out above, considering the scientific and academic qualification of the experienced and young researchers and scientists.
  • To promote and involve in development and scientific research activities closely related to the academic activity and conctent of the courses that develops, participating in national and international projects and with partnering  international counterparts.
    • To promote the continuous academic development and qualifications of the academic and technical, managerial staff, creating continuity and sustainability in the quality of the teaching, scientific and managerial staff.
    • Organize and attend congresses and scientific conferences, summer schools, specific trainings, seminars and workshops.


  • In the feld of Services
  • To provide expertise and technical assistance to public and private institutions within the country and in the region in the field of agro-food sciences and technology;
    • Provide services to third parties through the research laboratories by the department and the skills and competences of the staff.
  • Provide specialized and qualified services by its academic staff through active participation in boards, counclis, working groups, steering committee, recensions, public detabes etc. by strengthening ties and cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Agency for food and veterinary, and other stakeholders in this sector.
    • Cooperate on scientific and professional research activities with all agro-processing business operators in order to optimize food processing processes and enforce better production standards and food safety.



UBT College – is an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in the region that provides all policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines that are used to run or function in the best form of our Institution in accordance with established policies. The UBT College has 62 policies and regulations that they implement in detail.

The administration of program is well organized to accomplish the mission and achieve the goals and objectives set. All teaching and learning standards, quality research and assurance, and performance indicators are in place based on standrards. The administrative staff, including academics, technic staff are qualified for the positions they are appointed for and will have roles and responsibilities well-defined in fulfilling their positions and in contributing to the organization and implementation of all processes.

The organization of administration of the university program in Food Science and Technology be as follows:

Dean of the Faculty, a qualified person who has a PhD in the field of Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, Agricultural Sciences or equivalent education whose main responsibilities are consistent with UBT policies and procedures, guiding the program in accordance with the competences and duties set forth by the Institution.He is involved and overview aspects of academic, research and administrative procedures, including curriculum development and implementation, teaching and learning process, review rules, regulations and ethical standards, monitoring and evaluation of staff, creation and retention of partnerships with other programs within UBT, as well as similar programs across the country and abroad among other duties.

Official for Teaching, a qualified person who has a PhD in the field of Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, Agricultural Science or equivalent education, whose main responsibilities are helping the dean in all teaching and education processes. This includes curriculum evaluation; observation of whether schedules are developed according to common objectives; teachers are punctual and engaged in teaching; the quality of learning is at the desired level set by the National Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, particularly including didactic and various teaching methods tailored for an optimal participation, engagement and performance of students.

Official for Research, a qualified person who has a Ph.D. in Food Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, Agricultural Sciences or equivalent education, whose main responsibilities are assisting the dean in the department’s research field. This involves the creation of research opportunities both internally and in partnership with partner institutions and organizations and other actors, monitoring and supervising the academic staff and students in research, ensuring that research is carried out in accordance with ethical standards of research.

Official of Quality Assurance, a qualified person with Ph.D. in Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, Agricultural Science or equivalent education, whose main responsibility is to assist the dean in Quality Management of all processes. This primarily involves ensuring the quality and delivery of standards, if students are meeting the right standards, and being offered a qualitative education.It also involves monitoring and evaluating internal staff, in particular assessing students’ enjoyment of academic staff and learning processes through student evaluation forms as well as in partnership with external quality management officers. The quality assurance officer is also involved in ensuring that students are well informed about the support services they have available, such as the Student Counseling Center and the Library, which contributes to a higher quality of life and student experience.

Academic staff, are qualified teaching professors and assistants who hold a doctorate, master or qualified education, in the field of Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, Agricultural Sciences or relevant fields. It will be described in detail in the section of “Academic Staff” of this document. The academic staff will be recruited and selected carefully for teaching, scientific research, theses, internships etc. in accordance with their academic knowledge and expertise.

The Program Coordinator, a qualified person with a minimum of BA or BSc in the field of Food Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry Sciences, Biology Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences or equivalent education. Its responsibility is for organizing the entire academic process, including the classification of hours, exams, practical work, field visits, and other department events, and checking if the schedule’s infrastructure and equipment etc.