Aims and Objectives

Purpose and Objectives: The Master Program of Food Science and Technology at UBT offers an advanced academic education in this field. This program is in full compliance with the mission and the vision of UBT. The main target of this program is the general economic and social development, the raise of innovation and the offer of unlike possibilities for the development of the privet sector. The purpose of this program is to provide students with the most contemporary experiences in the field of food science and technology through a well-planned education and practical and scientific application. The target of this master level program in food science and technology remains to provide students with knowledge regarding the latest achievements in the field of food sciences and technology, with a special focus on strengthening the practical and research component during the studies. This master’s degree program aims to prepare young scientists and specialists to contribute to the food processing chain, to increase knowledge in quality management and food safety, and all these steps on purpose for a sustainable socio-economic development of the country. All this is intended to be achieved by intensifying and expanding international cooperation with different universities and research centers, in the region, Europe and beyond.