The admission criteria in the program are as follows:

The study program, Master of Food Sciences and Technology, provides students with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the sciences of chemistry, biology, biochemistry and engineering, as well as practical knowledge to improve quality, nutritional values ​​and various socio-economic perspectives in evaluation of food and beverages.


  • Students who have a degree in life sciences;
  • Students who have a degree in Food Science and Biotechnology;
  • Students who have a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences such as Chemistry and Biology;
  • Students who have a university degree in Chemical and Microbiological Process Engineering. food chemistry;
  • Students who have a degree in the field of agriculture, including: Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering;
  • Students who have a degree in programs related to medicine;
  • Students who have completed a university degree in the veterinary medicine study program;


Required documents for enrolment:

  • Registration form (Application) which is received at the Office for Student Service (SSO);
  • Diploma / Certificate to prove the completion of high school;
  • High school transcripts;
  • Birth extract;
  • Two photos;
  • Autobiography (CV) for working students;