The program of study is open to students that have completed the National Matura. A candidate will be eligible for admission if he/she fulfills the minimum admission requirement set forth by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Energy Engineering systems are all around us with far-reaching applications to every sector of society ranging from factories, automobiles, buildings, etc. Therefore studying Energy Engineering is very exciting and interesting. Moreover training the future generations of engineers and giving them a comprehensive set of skills is extremely important for the energy efficiency engineering industry as a whole and for the society.

Graduate students from the Energy Engineering Program will be qualified to work within production and distribution of electricity and the related service industries. The students will complete their education program in cooperation with energy.  As a part of the program the students must complete successfully their internship program also in cooperation with energy sector for example in Kosovo Energy Corporation j.s.c (KEK), Transmission, System and Market Operator j.s.c (KOSTT) or other related energy sectors.

Recognizing that today’s engineers must be able to solve complex, highly focused practical problems, as well as those specialist fields of Engineering, UBT is offering this program of study. Our mission is to contribute to the study of Energy Engineering based on European and American programs and experience.