The study program is open to all citizens of Kosovo and foreigners without any distinction, who have a high school diploma or equivalent school (Level 3A according to the International Standards for the Classification of Education – ISCED) enables the candidate to fulfill the requirements of university registration. Also, the program is open to the transfer of students from various local or foreign universities, which are licensed and accredited by the relevant institutions.


The recruitment of candidates is done according to the procedures officially accepted at the institutional level and in accordance with the provisions of the Statute and the Law on Higher Education.


Interested candidates complete the application for registration by attaching the necessary documents and submitted to the Office of Student Services. The documents required during the application are:

  • Application form (Online or Physically);
  • High school diploma/certificate of completion and matriculation test;
  • Birth extract;
  • CV for working students.

Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis within the allotted time frame for all students.

However, candidates who have achieved high grades in secondary education and achieved above-average results in the national matriculation test are awarded scholarships or reduced tuition fees by UBT, a criterion set by the UBT Governing Board.