The underlying purpose of Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning is to orient the student at the Bachelor level to specific focus in the areas that group a number of subjects with the same or similar focus to generate a focus oriented in the field that the student will choose as further study his. These groups have been expressed by the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning in the curriculum through specializations in:


  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Urban Management
  • Architectural Restoration
  • Interior Design
  • Maintenance in Restoration and Architecture


Meanwhile, these specializations enable the student during his studies to identify his skills and orientation in one of the fields that are grouped in the form of orientations. In addition, each specialization is closely related to a group of subjects which aid students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills regarding the specialization he or she has chosen, and in some cases are multidisciplinary. The specializations are also supported by elective courses as additional information for the student in building competence in the respective fields but also the summer academy which is an added value for Architecture studies.

Furthermore, the application of specializations in the fifth semester of studies is decided by considering the student sufficiently prepared to understand in detail the field he has chosen and to build the basis for a competence in this field. Moreover, specializations create students to acquire a high level of professionalism and expertise, to carry out full-fledged interpretation of the field of study that the specialization has, always realized through projects that enable the student to understand and implement his knowledge of the field in the project he realizes.