Student Services


One of the basic working principles of UBT is to provide equal opportunities for quality research as well as necessary assistance and support for all students during the period of their studies at the institution. Consultancy, mentoring and ongoing individual counseling are available to students by the academic and administrative staff of UBT and the Student Services office. Students will enjoy their rights in the institution and will be treated with fairness and dignity.


Each faculty is managed by a leader who deals with administrative matters and can assist students. This assistance includes the following phases:


First phase: for their initial registration at UBT, students are advised individually and in groups about the mission and vision of the institution, as well as the relevant departmental curricula.


Second phase: students have the right to academic consultation at any time by the faculty leader throughout the duration of their studies at UBT.                    


Third phase: in the third year of Bachelor studies, students are advised and informed about specializations in their specific areas of study through individual consultations.


UBT publishes a student newspaper through which students have the opportunity to learn about new developments at UBT and the various activities taking place throughout the year. It also features publications and interviews from both international and local students and teachers.



Student Services is one of the most important sectors of UBT as it serves as a key point of coordination of both academic work and administration services for the entire institution.